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Lindemann Manual Gear Box Treatment

42.33 inkl. MwSt

Lindemann Manual Gear Box Treatment eases the shifting of the gearbox, differential and / or swingarm. This gearbox additive is unique and is one of the best manual gearbox additives! It contains P.T.F.E. (Teflon) molecules that reduce friction by more than 50%. In addition, the Lindemann MGT offers maximum lubrication and anti-wear protection to the gears.

Lindemann Automatic Transmission Treatment

37.62 inkl. MwSt

Lindemann Automatic Transmission Treatment has been specially developed to improve and protect the automatic transmissions. It protects the automatic transmission against high temperatures and additional wear there. Furthermore, the entire operation of the automatic gearbox improves. Especially with slightly faltering automatic gearboxes, a positive change is quickly observed after the addition of Lindemann Automatic Transmission Treatment.