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Lindemann Oil System Cleaner

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Lindemann Oil System Cleaner has been specially developed to thoroughly clean the entire oil system internally. The Oil System Cleaner removes all deposits and white and black sludge inside the oil system. A completely cleaned oil system ensures a smoother running engine and results in more efficient operation and optimal engine performance.

Engine flush

Engine Flush is specially designed to clean dirty engines internally and to extend the life of the engine. Caked-on deposits, white and black sludge cause engine problems. The Lindemann Oil System Cleaner is an oil additive that is added to the old engine oil. After adding, the engine should idle for 15 to 20 minutes so that the entire oil system is thoroughly cleaned.

Powerful engine flush

The Lindemann Oil System Cleaner is a powerful cleaner and easy to use because you can add it to the oil system yourself. Pay attention! After the cleaning process, the engine oil and oil filter should be replaced. Cleaning the oil system improves engine operation and optimum engine performance. The Lindemann engine cleaner can be used for petrol and diesel engines. It is 100% harmless and can be easily added to the oil system. Many users first use an engine cleaner. With this they clean the oil system. Then an Engine Performance Treatment or Worn Engine Treatment is often added to the clean '' new '' oil.

Lindemann Oil System Cleaner

The Lindemann Oil System Cleaner can be used for any combustion engine. We are happy to explain how you can clean your engine internally with a Lindemann motor flush. You add the entire content of 300ML to the old oil. Naturally, the Engine Cleaner must be shaken well before use. After the addition, let the engine idle for 10-30 minutes, this will allow the engine flush to do its job well and will clean the engine internally. Then you drain the oil, replace the oil filter and add new oil. Now the entire oil system has been completely cleaned and all deposits and dirt have been removed.

Buy Engine Flush

Clean your polluted engine yourself? For the best results you can combine the Oil System Cleaner with an oil treatment. When an engine is completely cleaned internally, another oil additive does not suffer from dirt residues that affect the quality of the additive. You can order these through our shop. Ordered before 4 p.m. will be shipped today!