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Lindemann Oil System Cleaner

23.51 inkl. MwSt

Lindemann Oil System Cleaner has been specially developed to thoroughly clean the entire oil system internally. The Oil System Cleaner removes all deposits and white and black sludge inside the oil system. A completely cleaned oil system ensures a smoother running engine and results in more efficient operation and optimal engine performance.

Engine cleaner

Do you have a car with a high oil consumption, fuel consumption, less power or a lot of emissions. Then there is a good chance that you have a dirty engine. It is then important to clean your dirty engine internally with an engine cleaner. The oil in the engine ensures that all moving parts are lubricated, there is no metal-to-metal contact and the engine is internally cooled. Over time, the quality of the oil will deteriorate and it will work less, causing pollution. Cleaning a heavily soiled engine can be done with an Oil System Cleaner from Lindemann.

Lindemann engine cleaner

Why clean your engine with a Lindemann additive? Our cleaning additive contains more active ingredients than comparable products from other brands. It removes stubborn dirt residues in the oil system. After about 15 to 20 minutes of stationing, the Lindemann Oil System Cleaner cleans the entire oil system. For example, it cleans dirt residues from the piston rings, piston ring grooves, oil seals and hydraulic valves. Furthermore, the oil system is also internally lubricated. This product is the best solution for cleaning the entire oil system.

Buy engine cleaner

Do you suffer from internal engine pollution and do you want to buy an engine cleaner to solve this problem? Clean the oil system with an engine flush from the Lindemann brand. The Oil System Cleaner contains powerful cleaning additives and is suitable for petrol and diesel engines. You can buy the Lindemann Oil System Cleaner through our online shop or dealer. In addition to this product, you will also find, for example, an injector cleaner or turbo cleaner!