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DPP Chain Lube Wet

9.95 inkl. MwSt

The DPP Wet Chain Lube is a chain oil of exceptional quality. This product has been specifically developed for wet conditions (October to April) and is suitable for all types of bicycle chains, such as mountain bike, racing bike, electric bicycle, city bike etc. This product has a unique composition of 15 raw materials and contains bentonite, teflon (PTFE) and anti-corrosion fabrics.

Chain oil

Are you looking for chain oil? You have this in different types, each with their own specialties. Dutch Performance Products always strives for quality products for fair prices. As a proud bicycle owner you are careful with your bicycle. Lubricating a bicycle chain is essential for the maintenance of your bicycle. This also extends the life of your bicycle. It is important to first clean the chain thoroughly with the DPP chain cleaner, the DPP Bike & Chain Cleaner!

The Chain Lube from DPP is suitable for wet conditions (Wet). The right chain oil ensures a smoother bicycle chain and prevents it from drying out. A bicycle chain without chain oil will eventually crack and squeak. In addition, the risk of rust and corrosion increases and the chain will wear out faster. The DPP Chain Lube can be used with any bicycle chain and suitable for racing bikes, mountain bikes, electric bikes and city bikes.

Chain oil bike

Do you often use a cheap product to lubricate the bicycle chain. In principle, this will have a lubricating effect. However, this is often short-lived because it has no adhesive properties. The DPP Chain Lube is a quality Chain Lube for the '' normal '' city bike.

The bicycle chain of your racing bike or mountain bike must also be lubricated to remain flexible. There are different types of products on the market especially for racing bikes and mountain bikes. The DPP Chain Lube is a chain oil for racing bikes, city bikes, mountain bikes and all other bikes.

Buy chain oil

Looking for a premium quality wet chain oil? You can easily buy a Chain Lube through the Dutch Performance Products shop. If you order the DPP Chain Lube before 4 p.m., it will be shipped today and you can lubricate your bicycle chain tomorrow with the chain oil from Dutch Performance Products. Tip! First clean the chain thoroughly with the chain degreaser from DPP for optimal performance.