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Lindemann Total Care Diesel

59.95 inkl. MwSt

Hochwertiges Additiv, das das Kraftstoffsystem (einschließlich Injektoren) und das gesamte Ansaug- und Abgassystem in einer Behandlung reinigt. Dazu gehören auch der Partikelfilter, das AGR-Ventil, der Turbo und der Einlass. 1 Dose 1 Liter reicht für einen vollen Tank (maximal 80 Liter). Vor Gebrauch gut schütteln!

Lindemann Diesel Boost

10.54 inkl. MwSt

Lindemann Diesel Boost cleans and lubricates the entire diesel fuel system. Regularly adding it to your refueling keeps the engine and fuel system clean and in good condition.

Lindemann Diesel Boost separates (condensation) water very quickly, which prevents many problems nowadays. Ideal for garages to fill up the fuel filter!

Lindemann Service Cleaner Diesel

16.36 inkl. MwSt

High-quality additive that cleans the fuel system, including the injectors. Apply every 5000 kilometers. 1 400 ml bottle holds up to 80 liters of petrol. Shake well before use.

Lindemann Smokeless

28.10 inkl. MwSt

Lindemann Smokeless has been developed to combat smoke development and meet the ever increasing demands for diesel engine emissions from the pollutants in the exhaust.

By adding the Lindemann Smokeless additive to the fuel, the black smoke development will be reduced. This is achieved by an increase in the cetane number and a complete cleaning of the injection system. In addition, the fuel’s ability to atomize and burn in the combustion chamber is positively affected.


Diesel additive

Are you looking for a diesel additive? Lindemann has a number of high-quality diesel additives that lubricate and clean the fuel system. You can use a cleaning additive to clean the fuel system, injectors, injectors, EGR valve, particulate filter, fuel pump and lines. These types of products ensure better combustion of the diesel fuel. The use of a Lindemann additive has, among other things, a positive effect on fuel consumption and emissions. The Diesel Boost is an example of a product that prevents pollution and keeps the fuel system clean.

Diesel additive Lindemann

Lindemann diesel additives are known for their high concentration of active ingredients. The Service Cleaner Diesel and Total Care Diesel are powerful cleaning additives and the Diesel Boost is more suitable for preventive use. Cleaning the diesel fuel system once a year with a Lindemann diesel additive is highly recommended.

Buy diesel additive

The above additives are specially designed for diesel engines. Via the Dutch Performance Products shop you can buy a product yourself, which you can then easily add to the fuel yourself. Most Lindemann diesel additives are suitable for one or two refueling and can be used both preventively and curatively. Buy a product directly? Choose the right product, add it to your shopping cart and complete the order. In our shop you will find a DPF Cleaner, EGR Cleaner and other types of diesel cleaners. Ordered before 16:00, delivered tomorrow!