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Lindemann Service Cleaner Benzine

16.07 inkl. MwSt

High-quality additive that cleans the fuel system, including the injectors. Apply every 5000 kilometers. 1 400 ml bottle holds up to 80 liters of petrol. Shake well before use.

Petrol cleaner

A petrol cleaner is a petrol additive that you can use to clean the fuel system yourself. There are many types and brands of additives on the market and every manufacturer has a cleaner for gasoline engines. The Lindemann Service Cleaner Petrol is a premium quality additive. Due to the higher concentration of active ingredients, the Service Cleaner Gasoline offers a powerful and durable effect. When you take a product from Lindemann, you choose quality! With this you can easily clean the fuel system including the valves, injectors, catalytic converter, fuel pump and pipes yourself.

Petrol cleaner engine

In the long run a motorcycle will also have to deal with a contaminated fuel system. You have special cleaning additives in smaller bottles for this. Lindemann has a petrol cleaner that is suitable for all types of petrol engines, not just for a car, scooter, moped or motorcycle. The Lindemann Service Cleaner is also a product that is suitable for the motorcycle. It can easily be added to the fuel tank. A bottle of 400ml is good for 4 refueling.

Buy petrol cleaner

Buying a premium quality petrol cleaner? You can order these through the Dutch Performance Products shop. Want to buy a product before 16:00? Then it will be shipped today! We also send your order for free from 25 euros. In addition to a fuel system cleaner, Lindemann also has a petrol additive in the range that protects the fuel system and keeps it clean.